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Perfect For The Business World

Our corporate car hire service is a section of our firm that has been honed over the years to deal exclusively with Businesses. In-depth experience has enabled us to streamline this part of our car hire service into a flexible and effective operation that can anticipate and deal with issues that often arise when looking at the transport logistics that need to be taken into account when planning transport arrangements for big corporate events such as conferences, business road shows and multinational meetings.

Exclusively Corporate

We supply all the vehicles, breaking them down into hierarchical modes of transportation for different levels of executives if requested. That often involves intricate planning. We help, for instance, to ensure that passengers who are colleagues and attending the same meetings, travel in together in bigger groups and in luxury minibuses or limousines, whilst the board of directors may attend the event in Limousines.

Meticulous Planning

In order for the details presented by our clients prior to an event to be incorporated into the service that we provide without a hitch, we study the full details of the event’s schedule, those who will be attending, where they will be staying and so on. With all the relevant detail in place, we are then able to give advice on any potential hiccups our clients may not have thought of.


Remember, while an organisation might plan these events once a year, if that, we are in the business of managing, from start to finish, the transportations requirements of big organisations hosting similar events, week in, week out. Our service is not just dictated by our client’s requests but also perfected through hands-on research, and testing our services, as well as what our competitors offer so that we can continually improve what we do. Our service is transparent.

Our Clients & Cars

We span the whole of the Pacific Northwest in terms of where we deliver our services. Our vehicles range from Tesla, Hummer, Mercedes, Chrysler 300, to name just a few of our premium cars. If you are interested an 8, 12 or 16-seater, or any other prestigious cars that are not in our gallery, make sure to ask us first, before you consider an alternative.  If you would like to find out more about our services, please contact us now.